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          Please enjoy our prototyping resource page.  This is not an endorsement page.  These are products, services and information that we’ve used or find very useful.


Combining our services with these resources makes prototyping affordable!


This page is new.  So, please check back often for updates.



Metal enclosures, brackets, adapters and plates send SRSMITH an email inquiring about...

PCB fabrication local to SRSmith. Our close proximity speeds turn time!

Low cost prototyping specials for PCB fab.  They can do thick film too.  Get 4, 2-layer boards for less than $100.  They make it and SRSMITH can populate it.  CHEAP!

SRSmith teams with MRA for innovative solutions to your engineering problems.

Quick, low cost PCBs. You can even send them a scanned picture from a magazine.  Just need one? No problem

Our preferred PCB layout and design tool.  You can download a free trial version too.


For hard to find conductors try Brim Electronics.  They can produce 38 AWG stranded wire!  They also have a nice temperature conversion chart.  Click on catalog then product index.

Awesome surface mount adhesive that can be used manually.  MA-420

Lord Chemical

Working with mag wire? MWS can produce multiple magwires side-by-side or parallel bonded wires.  This makes mini cables and winding transformers a breeze!  Check out Multifilar in their specialty products.

Calculators for inductance and magnetics great inductors too


Calculate trace width and via size vs. amperage

PCB Calculator

Precision metal parts like RF-Shielding lids and more.

Plastic parts without injection or vacuum molds. Learn about stereolithography here...