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Ready to order?  Here is how it works.


  1. Please review our Terms


  1. Call us to discuss your job and payment terms.  (443) 468-0158


  1. Send us your files and documentation. info@srsmithtechnicalassembly.com


  1. We email you a proposal with included details and payment terms as per discussion.


  1. If you approve of the proposal, print and sign it.  Then, notify us of your approval.


  1. We will email you an invoice with a link to securely pay for your order.  PayPal manages our secure transactions.  You do not need a PayPal account to pay with your credit card.


                                                             i.      For time and material proposals, you will receive an email invoice asking for a $100 deposit.  The remainder will be invoiced once the job is complete.  You will need to pay the second invoice before we ship your job back to you.


                                                           ii.      If paying by check, we won’t send an invoice.  Just ship your check with your parts and SIGNED proposal.


  1. Once you pay the invoice, ensure that your proposal is signed and dated.  Then, ship the ORIGINAL SIGNED DOCUMENT along with the parts for your job.  WE CAN NOT START YOUR JOB WITHOUT A SIGNED PROPOSAL! 


  1. We will audit your shipment.  If there are no issues, we assemble your job as per the agreement and ship the job back to you!





































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