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 Here are pictures of a 48 ball .8mm pitch BGA that we installed.  The footprint to the left is the same as the footprint that we installed the BGA on.  These pictures were taken through a microscope which gave a slight curve effect.  Notice the perfect placement and attachment.


Click the pictures for full size



Here is a 144 .5 pitch QFP that we hand soldered.  Notice the perfect fillets through the microscope picture (35X).




Here is a flex board circuit for an optical device that we populated.  The first picture shows the pre-tinned pads ready to place the parts.



In the second picture flux and the components have been placed on the flex board.  Then, the entire assembly is enjoying a preheat.  It is taped to a hot plate and then gentle top air is applied to reflow all the parts at once.  The cone shaped device you see above the part is the microscope.



Here is the finished circuit.  The small passives are 0402 size, magnified about 30X.  This was just for fun.  So, what do your techs do for fun?






In the below picture, a client needed rework on 30 HIROSE connectors.  He originally used an overseas contract manufacturer who poorly soldered the below HIROSE connector.  The solder wicked far up the contact and caused connection problems.




SRSmith removed all the bad connectors and professionally installed new parts.  Notice the drastic difference! 


This is how we do it in AMERICA!!!!


Here are some flex board circuits that we regularly assemble for a local engineering company.  These are .5mm pitch connectors.  The above connectors are also on the below board along with a SAMTEC connector.  The SAMTEC has SMT center ground blades that are not visible after soldering.  This part is attached with hot air like a BGA.